Who are we?

One December, a 16-year-old student was looking for gift inspiration with Christmas just around the corner. He decided to make a candle for his Mum because it would be a completely unique and personal gift.

Using everyday materials he found in the kitchen: household wax, a red crayon, string and a milk carton, he produced his very first candle. A neighbour saw the candle and offered to buy it, leaving the student with enough money to buy more materials to create more – one to gift and one to sell! That was the start of the Yankee Candle® journey…

From this point Yankee Candle® has grown into a worldwide brand...

Expansion into Lagos took place in 2014, and the brand has been growing since.

Jars, Diffusers and Car Accessories

  • Scented Candles from Yankee Candle®

    At Yankee Candle®, our over fifty-year tradition of providing the best-loved home fragrance and gifts has at its heart our scented candles. Premium candles with true-to-life scents have always been the foundation of our collection. Made with care and attention with natural ingredients, Yankee Candle® candles were made to be enjoyed, to be given and received, and to be a calming, stimulating, or evocative presence every day, every season, and every holiday.

  • Long-Lasting Premium-Grade Paraffin & Soy Wax Candles

    Only the best ingredients go into creating our distinctive true-to-life scents made with premium-grade paraffin wax and natural soy-wax blends. For those housed in glass, our glass is lab-tested to ensure appropriate strength and consistency, and our wicks are made with 100% natural fibres. With an array of styles, you have the option to select your own fragrance family preference, burn time, and the functionality that fits your space and occasion.

  • Yankee Candle® Car Fragrance

    Taking a page from our premium scented candles and home fragrances, our car fresheners have the true-to-life, long-lasting fragrance for which Yankee Candle® is known, with a convenience and visual appeal that makes them exceptional. While some may favour more traditional freshening methods offered by our signature jar-shaped Car Jar® Fragrances and Car Jar® Ultimates, others love the style of our Sidekick® Collection and Car Vent Air Fresheners.

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